Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Depth Map thumbnails

Depth Map thumbnails, originally uploaded by CarnivalofSouls3D.

Examples of some of the depth maps created for the car/garage sequence

Carnival of Souls 3D conversion anaglyph thumbnail sequence

This 13 second long scene of Mary escaping from her garage nightmare took several hours to convert to 3D. After a background template was created, the moving objects were individually rotoscoped and shaded, in order to create the final animated depth map that would give the 3D effect. It's a very laborious process but the final results make it all worthwile.

This is the anaglyph version from the original side by side conversion.

Garage nightmare

Garage nightmare, originally uploaded by CarnivalofSouls3D.

Mary escapes from her garage nightmare...anaglyph version.

petrol pump anaglyph

petrol pump anaglyph, originally uploaded by CarnivalofSouls3D.

Anaglyph screengrab from the 3D side by side conversion of Carnival of Souls