Terms and Conditions

If you are intending to buy this movie, please read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions first....


By downloading this movie you are agreeing to the following. Please do not, in part or whole, copy, redistribute, re-sell, upload to website, create a BitTorrent, link to the video download, or do any other activity that would be in breach of its copyright. Although the 2D version of Carnival of Souls is known to be in the public domain, this is an exclusively converted 3D version of the film with it's own copyright. All elements in this 3D edition belong solely to it's creator and all rights are solely reserved to him. Both the 2D side and 3D side contained within this conversion are included in this copyright notice and any attempt to rip the 3D side, in an attempt to distribute it disguised as the 2D version, will be seen not only as an infringement of copyright but also, theft. In such cases, legal action may be taken in order to recoup any loss of earnings from any person or persons trying to sell or distribute this 3D conversion as their own work.

Purchase of the movie entitles the buyer to the following. The buyer may download and keep one copy only of the movie to view on their stereoscopic PC setup in the privacy ot their own home. For those without a Stereoscopic setup, the freeware Stereo MovieMaker can be used (see download link) which allows the buyer to view the film in various other 3D formats such as Anaglyph or Colorcode. In certain situations, e.g. where the buyer has a standalone 3D TV that accepts a 3D input, the buyer has permission to transfer the movie to a USB data stick, or other portable device, purely in order to watch the movie in the privacy of their own home. It does not entitle them though, to transfer the movie to other locations in order to view it elsewhere or at communal gatherings. In order to view the movie at a communal gathering e.g. a local community centre or personal home theatre where there is an admission fee, please contact the copyright holder first. In circumstances like these, an additional Licence Fee may be necessary, with the cost being dependant on the circumstances e.g. price of admission fee and amount of people watching etc. Unless permission is given, viewing is restricted to the original place of download and may not supercede those boundaries. In all cases, please respect the original creator's copyright.


Carnival of Souls 3D is an exclusively created 3D conversion of the 2D movie Carnival of Souls. Please be aware that it has not been converted by a Major Film studio or professional company. It's creator is just a 3D fan who has dedicated several months to the process of converting it. The conversion process is extremely laborious and requires a lot of dedication to create the right looking depthmaps in order to obtain the best 3D effect for each scene. Therefore, with that in mind, please respect the creator's sole ownership rights of this 3D conversion. It is "he" who has solely done all the work and it is "he" who solely deserves any monetary gain from any future sales of the movie. Therefore, any form of copyright infringement of this 3D version will be treated as theft and legal action may be taken against the perpetrators to recoup any loss of earnings. Due to the huge amount of work and to the exclusive nature of this conversion, Carnival of Souls 3D has been invisibly watermarked throughout and so is easily traceable by the copyright holder in the future. After its release, any other versions of Carnival of Souls 3D appearing online in the near future will be treated with suspicion and investigated.

Thank you for your co-operation. If you decide to buy Carnival of Souls 3D, I hope you enjoy your 3D experience of the movie.

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