If you have downloaded and enjoyed the movie, please leave some positive feedback. Also, let everyone know what 3D setup you used to view the movie and how the 3D looked. Of course, the 3D effect will differ depending on how it is being viewed. Watching the movie with red/blue anaglyph glasses will not look as good as watching it with shutter glasses on a 3D TV for example.


  1. I'm viewing Carnival of Souls 3D on the following setup.

    The movie is being viewed in Stereoscopic Player, side by side input, page flip output using Xtreme 3D shutter glasses and viewed on a 70" screen with the Infocus X1a DLP projector. Resolution 1024 x 768 at 85 Hz.

    On this setup, the picture is nice and clear and the movie has a nice 3D depth with no ghosting.

  2. Looks great on my 22 inch monitor. The blue/green analglyph version shows great depth, better than most commercial releases. Looking forward to more of Gaetano's 3D projects!

  3. Thanks Tom,
    I hope you get it to work on your 3D TV sometime as it looks even better when viewed with shutter glasses.