Buy this downloadable side by side version at the new reduced price of £2.99 and you will also get, free of charge, my exclusive 12 minute 3D conversion (side by side format) of House on Haunted Hill.



IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you can play these side by side avi files on your 3D TV or Monitor before buying. To play on a computer, you should already have experience of using software such as Stereoscopic Player. If you have problems playing the AVI files, please consider converting them to MP4 or other format to suit your particular setup before contacting me. A good method to play the files is via the USB connection of your 3DTV or 3D Bluray player.


Carnival of Souls 3D (side by side format)

Video AVI (MP4 codec) 1280 x 480 resolution 6000 kbps 29.97 fps

Audio (araw codec) 48000 Hz 16 bit

Black & White 

Duration 83 mins

Estimated size 4.15 Gb (5 parts of just under 1Gb each)

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a computer with decent specs to play this side by side video and output it to 3D smoothly. Please make sure your system can cope with side by side format before buying.

Recommended system requirements for page flip output
Tested and working
Win XP
Pentium D
2 Gb RAM
Geforce 8400 GS graphics card

3D GLASSES REQUIRED to view the film.

The movie can be viewed with Stereo MovieMaker in various 3D formats. Read more at the  How to view in StereoMovie Maker  page.


Once payment has been received, you will be sent an invitation to my private vault. Here you will have V.I.P. access for approximately 48 hours to download one copy of the movie.
Please allow up to 12 hours to receive this invite as due to the Global nature of the Net, it may be nighttime here in the UK when you make your payment. Also, please keep checking your SPAM box just in case the invitation goes there by accident.


  1. Looks like you are doing a great job! I would like to know when you are finished with the project. What software are you using?

  2. Hi Michael, Thanks for the comments.It's
    re-assuring to know that there is someone out there interested in this project.

    I'm using Photoshop 7 for creating the depth maps and a software called Bas-relief demo to create the 3D effect. I've also developed a few of my own methods to speed the process along.

    I'll inform you via E-Mail when the movie is completed and ready to download.



  3. I'm very interested in having it!!! Your conversion looks terrific. I've been trying do depth maps in Photoshop 8 but 50 ./. of the time they turn out badly. Could you help me or make a tutorial maybe? Thanks,

  4. Thanks cryvksr...Are you struggling in creating the depth map or in getting the 3D effect?

    Sorry, but I don't have the time to make a tutorial....bit busy at the moment trying to convert about another 40,000 frames of
    A bit of advice I can think of though is to make sure that you use the full greyscale spectrum moving from 0 (Black) for distance to 255 (White) for close objects. Also, the conversion process is always a bit hit and miss. I've had loads of depth maps that didn't work out first time but I just go back and re-do them until I'm finally happy with the 3D results.
    Just keep at it until you get successful results.

  5. thank you!!!!! I'll keep trying to do better depth maps! Good luck finishing converting the movie!

  6. One more question. Should I outline everything in the image or just what I want to have a 3D aspect? I usually don't displace over 5 if it's too displaced. Is that right?

  7. Hi cryvskr...I don't use the displace filter in Photoshop for the 3D effect. I tried it and I didn't like the results. I use a software called bas-relief. The depth map is created in Photoshop but the conversion is done with bas-relief.

    For the moment, that's all I can really say as I'm keeping my method under wraps a secret and all

  8. I am definitely interested in purchasing a copy of this when it is complete. Very cool.

  9. Thanks Matt.
    The movie won't be ready for several more weeks but hopefully it will be finished before Christmas. Keep checking back for updates.

  10. This would be cool to show during halloween on my screen-projection home theater setup, and I've got lots of 3D glasses to spare. Looking forward to downloading this--at hopefully a reasonable price! :)

  11. Hi Steven. I'm struggling a bit with a final price so it's still yet to be confirmed.
    Even though I'm tempted to put it quite high, considering how much work has gone into it, I want it to be affordable really. Hopefully, more people will buy it if it's reasonably priced.
    I have a rough price in my head but suggestions are always welcome.


  12. Hey man:
    You are doing so freaking good on this conversion it looks awesome!

    One question, could you convert this image to
    3-D? Not for me, I'm also planning to start using Depth Maps to convert to 3-D, but I've had troubles with reflections on windows and such. The link is here:
    Thanks, and good luck!!!

  13. Thanks NoLimits Pictures.....the link is dead incidentally.
    Sorry, I don't have time to do this conversion for you. Good Luck.