Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Although the 3D conversion process is a very slow one, the good news is that the 3D is looking very nice. I have finally converted all scenes of the film but this really is just the end of phase one. Phase two is now to re-convert some of the early scenes so that they match the quality of the later ones. My method of conversion has been steadily improving and getting quicker (thankfully) over the months of conversion. Some of the latest scenes look almost as good as native 3D and I have a substantial collection of movies, trailers and clips in 3D for comparison.

The one drawback with this particular conversion is that, due to copyright issues, I have had to use the public domain version of the film for the conversion. It's not that bad really, but not a patch on the Criterion DVD version, which has the best picture quality of the film available. Because of the poorer quality, even though during the conversion process I have only compressed the film one more time, artifacts are occasionally evident in some of the darker scenes. Fortunately it isn't too distracting and doesn't spoil the 3D effect in anyway.

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